A Spiritual Awakening: The Closest Thing to Crime

From writing to photography, I aim to channel what I believe to be a source of knowledge and insight that I have access to in order to share with the world.


I am only the vessel for these thoughts and ideas. They don’t necessarily represent everything I am.

Part One:

Life Lessons from a 30 Year Old

First. Find something meaningful to set your mind to each day. For me, I did it everyday because I was bored and needed to be creative. Take it from me, without something like this, your life will wither from boredom and lack of meaning.

Second. Some relationships don’t work online. This could be family or friends. These relationships are meant for in person only and require eye contact and body language. When put online, they create anxiety and stress.

Third. It’s ok to follow your dreams, just don’t do it half ass. If you want to be successful, that requires all your attention and effort. This isn’t as hard as you think, it just requires commitment. If you stick to this process of all in, you will have some success along the way, I guarantee it. Hopefully, you make it to a breakthrough where you can apply everything you have learned all at once.

Fourth. Your parents are probably good people, but they probably don’t have all the advice you need. In order to be successful, you need to talk to like minded people and find those who are after a dream of their own. Maybe you will end up working with some of them. This is the fun part. You get to explore your surroundings and introduce yourself to driven people. Like minds attract and this is a great time to try new things.

Fifth. Most people that you have encountered in your past will hate you for pursuing a passion, especially when you start to see any sign of success. I don’t know why people are like this but they are. Many people try to sabotage others out of jealousy, if they can. It’s best to learn how to deal with it as quickly as possible and move on from them. Hopefully, the people that care about you will be encouraging when you need the support that’s needed to have continued success.

Sixth. It’s amazing how few people actually go after a dream or goal. You will encounter a few good spirits as you pursue your dreams but most of these people will be older than you and maybe retired because now they feel they can pursue a passion now that they have worked their whole life. Sadly, this is the reverse and you need to pursue passions early in life so you have time to enjoy the full benefit when you are in your later years.

Next. You know best what is best for you, don’t forget it. There is loads of advice from people close to you that is probably the wrong advice and will just delay your success even longer. Unless you are speaking with someone that has the life you desire, don’t listen. Look for people you admire and take as much from you can from them and apply it to your own life. This is much easier than you think if you are willing to adopt new habits and maybe learn new skills.

Also. You must learn massive amounts of patience with people. This is the all time greatest skill you can learn in life, because people are going to piss you off everyday for several years until you either find a way to get out of that relationship or they break you. So, you must bend but not break and learn to defend yourself only when necessary. Most of the time, you can ignore these people because unless you give in to their tactics, they are powerless. Patience will save you in the end.

Part Two:

Soul’s Purpose

Let the grease and grime drip off of you as your eyes widen. The spirit awaits as you awaken to your destiny. No longer will you bear the weight of the past misfortunes but better yet, will be given a gift to share with the world. Shed your skin and adopt it for armour, your future awaits the new you as you step into your soul’s purpose.

Part Three:

Social Networking

6 reasons to be aware of what you put on social media

  1. What you put on there will probably be used against you in the future if it’s misinterpreted.

Part Four:

Pity those who disagree with your chosen path

It’s honestly very sad that people get upset over your mission and purpose. To think that a controversial comment could spark a raging fire in someone is absurd. The saddest part is that these people who can’t handle your truth, have come to a point in their life that a comment can actually trigger them intensely with fear and rage. It’s important to realize that these kinds of people don’t change your path, but they might alter it. You still must pursue your goals, even if it bothers people. Just make sure to learn from them.

Part Five:

Consider all feedback

When going through a transformation, you get all kinds of feedback coming from all directions. Parents will give you unwarranted feedback all the time but sometimes you will hear it from others if you aren’t as close to your parents. I think it’s important to listen to everyone’s opinion when making big moves in your life. These people are speaking out of care and concern for you and therefore, may have a hidden lesson that you could reveal and grow from.

Title Explanation

Closest thing to crime refers to breaking the rules we are brought up with in order to fulfill your souls mission. It means breaking the mould of society and finding your own path.



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